TOI @ NeoCon 2018

Every year countless design professionals gather in Chicago to experience unmatched access to the latest trends in our industry. This year NeoCon celebrated 50 years as the most important event for the commercial design industry and we were not disappointed. Experiencing the furniture we offer first hand allows us to feel confident in the comfort and quality of the pieces we are suggesting to our clients. We look forward to attending NeoCon every June, with nearly 1 million square feet of exhibition space it is the best opportunity to test out all the new offerings our manufacturers are releasing.

With the WELL Building Standard being a hot topic these days we were not surprised to see that ‘bringing the outdoors in’ was a common element throughout each showroom. We saw a lot of freestanding planters as accents or room division and new options to enhance workstations and tables with live greenery. Height adjustability was still a prevalent factor but this year it was taken to another level with huge conference tables being lifted seamlessly with the touch of a button. We were excited to see a lot of manufacturers keeping with the “Resimercial” trend and are happy to have more options for high quality comfortable “cushy” lounge pieces to offer our clients. And it was no surprise that nearly every exhibitor was showcasing a phone booth or some form of acoustic privacy to enhance the open office.

The Allsteel showroom was packed and buzzing with excitement. The products they are releasing are really changing the way Allsteel is perceived in the market. It’s great to have the ability to offer a complete Allsteel furniture package with access to functional ancillary pieces in addition to their well-established workstation options. One of our favorite additions are the new skinny personal storage solutions which will allow us to work within tight workstation footprints and maximize square footage for the end user.

NeoCon 50 was jam packed with showroom tours and networking events. The KI mac and cheese bar was a huge hit and the Global and Humanscale parties were among our favorites. We are already anxiously awaiting next June but in the meantime we are expanding our furniture offerings with this year’s new releases.