Architectural Products

Featuring both design and function, our Architectural Walls provide a sophisticated solution that can adapt to ever-changing environments and provide an alternative to stick-built construction. We offer glass, solid, freestanding, and demountable wall solutions that are reliable and fabricated in a quality-controlled environment to meet the needs of a compressed construction schedule.

Allsteel, Beyond

Beyond movable walls offer built-in flexibility that responds to the constant rhythm of business change. With efficient functionality and a large selection of aesthetic choices, you can create dynamic spaces filled with natural light that are reconfigurable to easily manage whatever change the future brings.

Creating inviting collaborative spaces throughout the floorplan allows businesses to accommodate different types of work among teams. Beyond movable walls define space for privacy or thought-sharing so team and solo spaces are within close proximity, allowing workers to collaborate efficiently.

Allsteel, Aspect

The Aspect frameless glass wall system is an elegant solution that creates offices and conference rooms through openness and visual transparency while maintaining acoustical privacy. Continuous low-profile trim seamlessly outlines the exterior of each element, and a variety of glass, door, hardware, and finish options provides choice in crafting a unique brand story.

System components are intentionally designed to fit and function cohesively, for installation consistency and ease. Aspect facilitates collaboration while sensitive information stays private and workers feel validated and appreciated.

Allsteel, Freestanding Products

Freestanding applications are a thoughtful way to introduce architectural elements and naturally create needed separation within a space. These elements can incorporate functional and multipurpose materials such as markerboards, tackable pin boards, and TV displays, allowing for ideal use of every open meeting and collaboration zone. These products are designed to be self-supporting, with no structural connections, ultimately creating the most flexible and agile space.